Research, Practice & Policy

Goals of Research Streams

The Centre of Research Excellence in Health in Preconception and Pregnancy (CRE HiPP) will generate new knowledge across two research streams.

There is also the cross-cutting theme of Cultural Adaptations that cuts across both stream of research.

Stream 1: Preconception Lifestyle Health

To adapt, co-design and test preconception lifestyle interventions reaching reproductive-aged women where they live and work.

For more information about Stream 1, in relation to community and health services, including fertility services, please contact the lead researcher – Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle or Professor Robert Norman.

For workplace HiPP promotion please contact Professor Helen Skouteris or Dr Briony Hill

Stream 2: Pregnancy Lifestyle Health

To generate and translate new knowledge of:

  • Which healthy lifestyle components should be integrated for the most effective lifestyle interventions, based on framework analyses, taxonomy and health economic analysis.
  • How to best adapt and implement healthy lifestyle interventions into antenatal settings.
  • The implementation and evaluation of lifestyle intervention in routine antenatal care, to inform national scale-up.
  • Estimating the economic implications of pregnancy lifestyle interventions.
  • Working with all stakeholders to assist implementation, scale up and health benefits.

For more information on Stream 2, please contact the lead researcher – Professor Helena Teede or Dr Cheryce Harrison.

For more information on the health economic work, please contact Associate Professor Zanfina Ademi or Professor Helena Teede.

Reaching reproductive-aged women

Our focus is on a systems approach to health promotion, targeting women, population wide, where they live and work across the following settings:

Goal of cross-cutting research theme: Cultural Adaptions

To design and test models of preconception and pregnancy lifestyle health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and culturally and linguistically diverse women. For more information about this Stream please contact the lead researcher Associate Professor Jacqueline Boyle.

Professional Development Modules

We are also upskilling health professionals. We have developed 6 short professional development modules for undergraduate midwifery students. These include:

Module 1 (Introduction to healthy lifestyle & pregnancy care guidelines)
Module 2 (Healthy lifestyle at preconception & SMART goal setting)
Module 3 (Healthy lifestyle in pregnancy & readiness for change and goal modification)
Module 4 (Healthy lifestyle in complicated pregnancies)
Module 5 (SMART goal setting for improving healthy lifestyle in complicated pregnancies & readiness for change and goal modification in complicated pregnancies)
Module 6 (Leadership in midwifery)

For more information please contact contact Professor Helen Skouteris or Associate Professor Lisa Moran