UK Preconception EMCR Network


The UK Preconception Early-and Mid-Career Researcher (EMCR) Network was established in October 2021. The network brings together UK-based PhD students, EMCRs, clinicians, policy makers and mentors. Through regular meetings and activities we aim to create opportunities to form multi-disciplinary collaborations, support career development, build capacity and generate impact in the pre- and interconception health and care field. This will help to support the next generation of leaders in preconception health and care to develop their careers and achieve collective action.

The network is supported by the UK Preconception Partnership, a multi-disciplinary coalition of individuals and organisations working together to improve preconception health in women and their partners.

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Meet the Network

Leadership Team

Dr Danielle Schoenaker

University of Southampton

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Dr Laura McGowan

Queen's University Belfast

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Ms Emma Cassinelli

Queen's University Belfast

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Professor Judith Stephenson
Lead Mentor

University College London

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Ms Beyza Ustun
Mentoring and Peer Support Scheme Officer

Durham University

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Dr Dunla Gallagher
Mentoring and Peer Support Scheme Officer

Queen’s University Belfast

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