Two prestigious Fellowships for CRE HiPP’s Professor Helen Skouteris

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Congratulations to Professor Helen Skouteris, CRE HiPP Director, for being awarded not one, but two prestigious Fellowships to round out 2023.

Prof Skouteris, has been awarded an inaugural Maureen Brunt Professorial Fellowship by Monash University, an initiative that intends to support excellence and ambition among Monash’s highly promising women professors.

Named for the University’s first female professor, the fellowship seeks to build on Professor Brunt’s legacy and aims to address the significant disproportion of women applicants to the Australian Research Council Laureate Fellowship schemes at Monash University compared to men, as well as providing a stronger mentorship base for other researchers, especially women applying for fellowships.

Professor Skouteris is a Monash Warwick Alliance Joint Professor of Health and Social Care Improvement and Implementation Science, Head of the Health and Social Care Unit, and Co-Lead of the Division of Evidence Synthesis, Qualitative and Implementation Methods in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine.

Adding to this accolade is her appointment as a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia, (FASSA) for which she was named in early November 2023.

Trained as a developmental psychologist, Prof Skouteris has a strong track record in longitudinal multi-factorial research, randomised controlled trials, implementation research and higher degree research supervision. Her research is predominantly focused on promoting health and wellbeing across preconception, pregnancy, preschool, and childhood, including adolescence, to create the best start in life for all children. She is CRE HiPP’s Director and Chief Investigator A.

Regarding her inaugural Maureen Brunt Professorial Fellowship, Prof Skouteris said she was “delighted”. “I am excited to be part of this fabulous group of female research leaders,” she said. “I am also excited about progressing my career aspiration to foster the lives of Australian children, adults and families living with pervasive disadvantage through more equitable health, social and education outcomes, and to do so by building the capacity of our future research and practice-based workforce.”

Prof Skouteris added it was a “great honour” to be elected as a new Fellow with the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia.

Fellows are elected to the Academy annually by their peers through a rigorous selection process.

Academy President Professor Richard Holden said: “The election of these individuals as Fellows of the Academy exemplifies the exceptional calibre of research and scholarship within the social sciences. Their work is not only academically significant but also holds immense practical relevance for shaping policies, improving communities and advancing our understanding of complex societal challenges.”

“Through rigorous research and evidence-based analysis, social scientists contribute valuable insights that inform decision-making, drive innovation and enhance the wellbeing of individuals and communities,” Prof Holden said.

Congratulations, Professor Helen Skouteris!

Professor Helen Skouteris