Preconception Health Network video discusses clinical guidelines for preconception care

Rebecca Krispin Uncategorised

Dr Edwina Dorney, a key member of the Preconception Health Network (PCHN), has just released a video in which she discusses clinical guidelines for this important area of healthcare.

“Preconception care involves a wide range of interventions that aim to improve the health of potential parents before pregnancy,” said Dr Dorney, who specialises in women’s health and Public Health Medicine.

This care applies to a very broad range of people, as it includes anyone who may become a parent in the future.

“Because it’s such a broad group with such a broad range of interventions, it’s important to have clinical practice guidelines to help healthcare workers deliver high quality care.”

“Research shows that there is a lack of consensus on clinical practice guidelines both within Australia and around the world. So our team of researchers from Australia, the United Kingdom and the USA, got together and performed a systematic review.”

The video discusses the findings of this review, which was led by Dr Dorney and co-authored by Associate Professor Jacqueline BoyleDr Ruth WalkerDr Karin HammarbergMs Loretta MusgraveDr Danielle SchoenakerProfessor Brian Jack and Professor Kirsten Black. The resulting paper was published in Seminars in Reproductive Medicine in 2022.

Find out more in Dr Dorney’s video below!

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