Individual experiences of healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy: consumer video series

Rebecca Krispin Uncategorised

In case you missed it on CRE HiPP’s Twitter, over the past few weeks our Consumer Advisory Group has launched a series of videos telling individual stories of maintaining a healthy lifestyle before and during pregnancy.

This series covers topics such as weight management, healthy eating, exercise, and managing PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and gestational diabetes.

It aims to educate women, healthcare professionals & policymakers about the diverse experiences of lifestyle, nutrition and physical activity during this time.

This series complements the “healthy Lifestyles Before & During Pregnancy” video released by our consumer group last year.

Three of these videos can be viewed below, or see all of them at our YouTube channel.

At CRE HiPP we’re proud to partner with everyday women in our community, to ensure the research conducted by our team is designed and carried out to meet their wants and needs when it comes to preconception and pregnancy lifestyle health.

Our Consumer Advisory Group reflects the rich diversity of women in our community across a range of settings relevant to our research work.

These include general practice, fertility services, community health centres, workplaces and maternity services.

If you’d like to find out more about our Consumer Advisory Group, or how to become one of our consumer partners, please contact Siarn Rakic at