2022 CRE HiPP Highlights Report

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It is with much pleasure that we present the 2022 CRE HiPP Highlights Report. The fabulous productivity showcased in this report is all thanks to the amazing Chief Investigators, Associate Investigators, postdocs, PhD students, and research affiliates, who give their 100% to achieve and promote the vision and objectives of CRE.

On behalf of the CRE HiPP team, I take this opportunity to thank all of our collaborators and supporters and look forward to sharing further achievements and successes with you as we enter our 4th year.

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Many thanks once again this year to Tracy Van Dyke and Rebecca Krispin for their work on collating this report. Many thanks also to the CRE HiPP funding provided by NHMRC that we are forever grateful for.

Sending my best wishes to all for a safe and happy festive season and new year. Looking forward to another productive year in 2023.

Best wishes,


Helen Skouteris
Monash Warwick Professor in Health and Social Care Improvement and Implementation Science
Head, Health and Social Care Unit, HSCU
Director, NHMRC CRE in Health in Preconception and Pregnancy (CRE HiPP)

2022 CRE HiPP Highlights Report