A moment with Dr Edwina Dorney

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From clinical obstetrics and gynaecology to karaoke, Dr Edwina Dorney wears many hats, with the list continuing to grow as she undertakes a new specialisation pathway. 

Dr Dorney is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, elevating her research speciality in preconception care by re-specialising in public health medicine. 

“My PhD is looking at a population level approach to enhance the delivery of preconception care,” Ms Dorney said. 

“Preconception combines my passions of reproductive care and public health. 

“It allows the opportunity to make a difference at the individual, community and population level.” 

The ability to combine research in reproductive health and public health is a “career highlight” according to Dr Dorney.

“The biggest buzz I now get is when I combine my research roles,” she said. 

“There is nothing better than in the clinical or policy space when you can comment on your work as informing practice.”  

Dr Dorney is inspired by people who strive to make a positive impact. 

“It is fantastic to work with people who give to the development of others and support members of the team, both up and down the line,” she said. 

“I am also guilty of what I call transient or topical inspiration… right now it has to be Ash Barty. 

“Someone who can surrender receiving personal accolades to focus on the bigger picture and make a significant impact.” 

Dr Dorney enjoys partaking in karaoke,  referring to the activity as an ‘interest’ rather than a ‘skill.’ 

“I am not sure if I can list my love of karaoke as a talent,” she said. 

Alongside karaoke, Dr Dorney enjoys time with family and friends, participating in “whatever activity is on.” 

Although Dr Dorney hopes her best work is still yet to come, she regards collaborative research with high esteem. 

“Recently, we completed a systematic review on clinical practice guidelines for preconception care,” she said.  

“It was in collaboration with local and international researchers. 

“I learn so much from others.” 

On that same note, Dr Dorney advises students considering a career in research to prioritise the team. 

“It is all about the team,” she said.

“Make sure that you are willing to contribute, and you will be rewarded.” 

Dr Dorney is part of the HiPPP EMR-C network as Co-Lead of Building Stakeholder Relations.

Dr Edwina Dorney is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney, following a history of clinical work in sexual health, obstetrics and gynaecology