Consumer Partners

Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) is central to CRE HiPP’s model of research and discovery. Led by Dr Heidi Bergmeier, CRE HiPP will partner with consumers and the community and ensure CCI is embedded and meaningfully incorporated in all research.

CCI involvement will reflect the rich diversity of women across the settings targeted: general practice, fertility services, community health centres, workplaces, and maternity services.

Dr Bergmeier led the co-development of our International CCI Framework which places consumers at the heart of co-designed research and translation. This co-designed approach facilitates equitable and inclusive consumer involvement opportunities for women, to ensure that research initiatives are relevant to the very people they intend to benefit. Read the published CCI Framework paper.

Welcome to CRE HiPP

Elaine Miller, Ambassador, Physio & Comedian

CRE HiPP Ambassador Elaine Miller knows all too well how difficult it can be to remain healthy and active during pregnancy. Listen to her and share in a laugh as she gives a witty insight into her life and the things she learnt about health during preconception, pregnancy and beyond.